Viral Conjunctivitis

what is viral conjunctivitis?


Both eyes are often infected by viral conjunctivitis. The virus spreads easily from an eye to the other. That’s why it is essential to avoid contact with the eyes. Use a different unidose or paper tissue on each eye. Eyes are red and puffy. Eyelids can and cannot be glued upon awakening. A lymph node can be detected in front of the ear. Several virus are responsible for viral conjunctivitis. And some of them may cause symptoms of viral nasopharyngitis. Viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious during incubation period (few days before symptoms) and two weeks within. This is why viral conjunctivitis is the most common one. It can be epidemic, especially in schools.
Treating viral conjunctivitis must combine two hygiene measures:
1. Wash your hands
2. Avoid hand contact with the eyes
Several times a day, it is useful to abundantly clean eyes with physiologic serum.
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