Bacterial Conjunctivitis

what is Bacterial conjunctivitis?



Bacterial conjunctivitis is characterized by purulent secretions in addition to conjunctivitis inflammation signs (hurtless reddening-eye). Bacterial conjunctivitis is also contagious and
requires strict hygiene measures:
-Wash your hands before and after you touched your eyes, put antiseptic eye-drops or other wash solution
-Clean abundantly
-Avoid contact with children or eye-sensitive person
The doctor may use antiseptic or antibiotic eye-drops which contribute to eliminate the
bacteria responsible for the infection.
New-borns might contract some forms of conjunctivitis during labour. This pathology needs a specific care in an adapted environment. Conjunctivitis are common in children but evolves quickly after antiseptic or antibiological treatments.
More information about conjunctivitis :

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